Happy Valentine’s Day…

Happy Valentine’s Day…you possibly have cancer and you gained 3 pounds…

This has not been my best week. I am writing this a day later than normal because I have been processing this craziness. Before I begin my recounting of this week, rest assured, I do not have cancer…please let me explain.

I suffer from daily headaches and I have no idea why. I changed doctors and therefore, a new round of tests were ordered. My doctor prescribed an MRI for me. Coincidentally, I recently turned 40 and the year of the mammogram was upon me. I decided to throw in the mammogram since I would be there anyway… no worries, no hurries. The mammogram was uncomfortable, but did not think about it again…until Valentine’s Day…

I received a call from my Ob/Gyn…nothing to be alarmed about…no concerns…we just need you to come back for another quick look…nothing to be worried about…but can you come now…No, I couldn’t. She scheduled me the next day, 2/15 at 2:15 PM. Her words to me, “It’s 2/15 at 2:15. Easy to remember and fun to say. Good luck!” Good luck?

I returned, underwent a series of tests, pokes and prods. I had a lump. I thought it was my lymph node. I clearly did not understand my breasts…who thinks a lump is a swollen lymph node? After a few days of ups, downs and a ridiculous amount of fears and prayers, the doctor walked into the room, apologized for worrying me, told me it was nothing to be upset about (NOT CANCER) and he would see me next year promptly walking out. My face-time with my doctor lasted a total of three minutes while I was laying on my side topless… Words cannot express the roller coaster of emotions…

Yes, this was all dramatic and upsetting, but what does it have to do with running? This is, after all, a running blog. During all of this, I ran. Because I could run. I ran when I wanted to cry. I ran when I was angry. I ran to celebrate. Throughout this agony, running was my life line. I ran with my daughter. I ran with my dog. I ran alone. I ran fluidly feeling the wind on my face. I ran awkwardly, frequently walking, grimacing and broken. I ran because I could. Thank you God for allowing me the ability to run. I am so grateful. I run because I can and there are so many who cannot.

And I gained 3 pounds…somehow, that does not seem so important anymore…

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