February Round Up

werunLuckily February was a short month. This has been a tumultuous month, for both running and my personal life. My miles lagged due to my headaches and a small health scare. I feel strongly that March will be a fresh slate.

I ran 22 miles. A large chunk of these miles were with my furry running partner, Rufus. He loves running with me and it has been fun logging the miles with him. Nonetheless, looking forward, I need to focus on my training. Unfortunately, Rufus is still a puppy and therefore, still needs to investigate every leave and bush. Also, we are still immersed in puppy training and are forced to stop frequently to correct behavior. We find our sweet spot after 2 miles. Rufus is worn out enough to follow pace and I am warmed up enough to hit a pace quick enough to engage him.

I ran twice with my running club and look forward to continuing the commitment. Our Wednesday run is for the slower crowd or those beginning or reentering the running world. We typically run intervals, with 3 minutes running 1 minute walking. The last week of February, my Mini Me joined me and hung tough for 2 miles.  The last half mile or so became wind sprints mixed with walking, allowing her to control the pace. Mini Me has also joined me at the track for some speed work. We take turns running laps and cheer wildly while the other is running. She is an amazing speed coach and her tag line is “Okay, that was great, Mom, but this time actually run!” Killer on the ego, but pushes me forward. Having someone who thinks I am the bees knees definitely pushes me to try harder.

In addition to my miles, I continue to improve my yoga practice. I average three sessions a week and look forward to growing my practice. My goal for March is to practice at least 10 minutes 5 days a week. I really want to practice everyday, but that is an unrealistic goal right now. I will be setting my alarm 30 minutes early in the mornings. I practice on my back deck as the sun rises. Beautiful, inspirational way to start my day. This places me in a calm mindset and ready for my day. My snooze button often is equally tempting and therefore, I am sure there will still be days that I roll out of bed in a full sprint.

My next race is April 23rd. I have printed my training plan and posted through out my home and at my workstation. I ran the same half marathon last year with little training and repercussions knocked me out the running for quite some time. I will be incorporating new motivational techniques to keep my on plan and will share soon how they are working.


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